Meet me! 

Hello my lovelies! Just thought I’d share a little about me.

#kikib #blogger #artist #singer
I’m an artist, amateur singer, photographer, blogger and I work full time as a buyer. Busy blooming life!!

I love learning new skills and googling everything!  I love art and music and recently I’ve been learning about reiki and crystal healing!

#reiki #calm #crystalhealing
I’m attempting meditation although I find this hard as I’m always in the go! Practice will make perfect!

I find crystals so pretty and would love more but I only have a few! The big ones are quite expensive…

#crystals #healing #colours
I like to paint and draw too when I get time and I’ve even sold a few paintings too mainly abstracts.

#krysiasart #art #abstract
Well that’s a little bit about me.. feel free to comment or add your own stories!!

#krysiasart @krysiasart

#art #abstract #photography #music #blogging #hobbies #life #love

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