Saturday adventures.. 

Hello.. today we decided to go somewhere different for a coffee.

#typewriters #vintage #retro
We didn’t go far, just a little place called “The Vintage Emporium” in Boscombe East.

It has the most amazing collection of household goodies from the 1920’s through to the 1980’s!

#vintage #retro #phones #orange #toys
I saw these phones and I had some just like this in the 70’s! They were great fun, I used to call my mum from the bedroom as ask for drinks and biscuits!! He he he

Such ecclectic goodies by a range of sellers and a coffee shop too! Can’t go a day without a coffee!

Sometimes it’s just seeing a selection of nicely arranged classics, nostalgia, memories.. you wonder who owned then and what their stories are.

Loving this retro radio!!!! Would look great in my lounge!

And of course we had a lovely coffee and slice of cake to end our mini adventure!
#nostalgia #memories #vintage #coffee #cake #saturday #adventures

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