Top 10 Fave Movies

I just love a good movie, True Stories, Horror, Sci Fi, Adventure, Comedy! Something for every mood or occassion!

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I’m currently re-watching my Marvel Film Collection, I love them all and could watch them over and over!

Well my Top 10 List of Fave Movies is a little SciFi heavy – Whoops! he he he

10.  In Time – a sci fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake, a great film where people are given time instead of money and have only a limited amount. JT’s character discovers that there seems to be one person who controls time, how better to avenge his mothers death than to devalue time itself.

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9.  Ant Man – Marvel Studios Ant Man is pretty awesome and funny at the same time.  A cool adventure where a man finds a suit that can make him teeny weeny! Amazing what troublke you can get ninto when you are so small!

Movie, Film, Marvel, Comic

8.  A Haunting in Connecticut – Gory scary and based on a true story.  If you lie to be frightened whitless but love a true story then this is a good one. A young man with incurable cancer and a house full of pissed off ghosts.  The family falls apart and comes back together with the strain of a haunted home, well who wouldn’t?

Haunting, horror, cancer, priest, family

7.  Pretty in Pink – A 1980’s Classic! Love this film starring Molly Ringwold. A coming of age comedy drama about a young girl and a rich boy. Yes it’s sickly sweet and tacky but fun and the music is awesome.

Prettyinpink, 80's, movies, James Spader,

6.  The Island – A storyline like no other.  Seemingly in a facilty waiting for a winning number and trip to the Island. Well as usual nothing in a SciFi movie is as it seems. Murder and lies and things that just don’t make sense. Starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johanson a great cast of people who try to find out why they have been lied to and how to save everyone else.

The Island, Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johanson, sci-fi,

5.  Iron Man – Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jnr in this funny, clever and highly entertaining film about a man with a huge ego who makes a suit of (not) iron and fights the bad guys. Nice precurser to all the aliens films that Marvel love to throw my way.

Iron Man, marvel, comics, movies, Avengers

4.  Thor – Well who doesn’t love a very gorgeous Chris Hemsworth with long hair, a large hammer and he takes his top off alot!! a-hem, back to earth!  Anyway he is only one reason I love this film. It’s funny and clever and with Natalie Portman as the leading gal and I really love it!

Thor, marvel, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman

3.  The Maze Runner – Some good teen actor in this film and a great concept! A teenage boy wakes up with no memory of anything before this day. He’s in a field with a large group of other teenage boys. At first I thought this was going to be like Lord of the Flies but it’s more about surviving the thing they can’t see. Really good film and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

maze runner

2.  Hunger Games – (All of them) Sorry just couln’t pick one! These are clever post apocolyptic, take pack control of the country from the bad guy kinda films. Jennifer Lawrence plays a teenage girl who saves her sister from taking part in the Government culling “The Hunger Games”, she then goes on to save everyone but in order to do this some have to die.

hunger games, Jennifer Lawrence, sci-fi,

1  The Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol II – Marvels offering no 2 of Gaurdians, reluctant heroes meet a God and Baby Groot is just the cutest thing ever!! The 80’s music is cool and Chris Pine is Hillarious and the quips are flying.  Can’t wait for the 3rd one.

guardians, groom, Chris pine

OMG there are so many movies and I love them all, picking 10 was like the hardest thing.  My man kept saying what about this one what about that one! Arrgghh too many films to chose from!


Passengers! Ok this just may have to slip into my top 10 somewhere.. Can I have 11 films? Pretty please?  This film is cool, I really enjoyed it and may have to watch it again.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in a funny, sad, happy, scary film about 2 people that seem to have woken up a little early on a 120 year space flight to a new world. They battle with their fears of waking early and why it happened, falling in love and what to do next.

Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris pine, sci fi

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