When life gives you lemons… 9 things you can do every week for £0! 

Life does not always go the way you planned. It’s not always like your childhood dream of Barbie mansions and horses and swimming pools.

Sometimes it throws you a curve ball or five.

So, what are you going to do? Bury your head and cry? HELL NO!  You make lemonade! The best lemonade you ever tasted!!

Make it delicious and fantastic and unique!

You get that this isn’t really about lemons right? They’re just a metaphor..?!

Seriously though life can be sweet and sour and I believe it’s all a lesson. Everything happens in order to teach us something.

There are always going to be times when you have no idea what life is trying to teach you or why! We all get days when we just throw our hands in the air and say “Really??!!!!”

When my family went from two incomes to one due to my partner getting injured at work I won’t lie, it was really hard not to panic.

#panic #dontpanic
We sat and made a conscious decision to try not to panic and stay as chilled as we could and remember that we love each other and we can get through this rough patch together as a team!

This is really hard, I won’t lie, but staying calm and focussed is absolutely necessary for the survival of your relationship.

So, we came up with a plan!

We would try and live the best life we could until things levelled out.  Money is tight and stress and fears are high but everyday we say I love you and mean it and carry on.

Firstly, I wrote a financial budget to see just how crappy things were. This is a real pain but a must so that you can ensure your priority bills get paid.

#tight #tightbelt #nomoney
We prioritise certain things in our world like having good fresh healthy foods! We eat steak, salmon, chicken and fresh veggies every day! Thank god for Lidl and Aldi! Having a really tight budget doesn’t mean you have to eat a poor diet!

We spend no more than £50 a week on food and we eat a good yummy healthy diet!

Ok, so now for the fun part. Thinking of things to do for £0.00…

well, over the last few months we have become experts at entertaining ourselves with no cash!

#free #todo #entertainment

  1. We go for walks on the beach or in the forest.
  2. Go for bicycle rides
  3. Picnics in the park
  4. Watch a DVD with popcorn at home
  5. Drive to the beach and watch the sunset
  6. Visit friends
  7. Go lay outside on a clear night and star gaze
  8. Have a date at home with candles and strawberries.. I’m sure you can work out the rest!
  9. Cut each other’s hair

You what now!!!!?!!! Cut each other’s hair??!!! Are you insane????

Well actually no not quite insane but learning how to save a fair bit of cash!

I shave my partners head and save us £10 a month.

Last night he cut and coloured my hair!!

The pic on the left is Before and the pinky one on the right is after!! This would have cost me well over £100 at a salon!!

There are many things you can do with little or no cash and I will keep sharing my ideas with you all!

Feel free to comment or add your own tips.



#hardship #nomoney #thingstodo

#free #daytrips #datenight #love #friendship

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