5 things to do for YOU! 

I think it’s about time we all started being a little nicer to ourselves. Be less harsh and less self deprecating.

Life is tough girls and we need to spend just a little time each day doing something for ourselves.

I’m the sort of girl who spends her days trying to please the rest of the world and do everything for everyone leaving myself little or no time or energy to do anything for myself!

That’s one reason why I started blogging, having a schedule to blog to makes me spend time doing something solely for myself. I live writing and art and anything creative so I try to work my blog around that.

I’ve put together a little list of things that we can all do for ourselves!

I try to do mine either first thing in the morning or whilst I’m glued to the tv at night!

Face mask


Superdrug, face mask, beauty,
Face mask. Firstly take all your makeup off and cleanse your skin well. Then go and grab your fave kind of face mask or make one . Apply over your face, cheeks chin nose and forehead. I like the peel off variety but there are so many different kinds to try!

Leave it on for the required amount of time then get peeling or wash off as per instructions. These leave your skin feeling refreshed, cool and clean and a little tighter too.

I do mine 1 or 2 evenings a week whilst watching tv after dinner. My fiancé likes it too as I’m quiet while it’s on lol!


Now this is a good thing as it leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction and saves you a bundle of cash too! Why pay someone to do this when it’s perfectly simple to do it yourself!

I start by soaking my feet/hands in a bowl of warm water with a little shower gel in. Leave in the water for 10-15 minutes. This is especially nice on a winters evening makes you feel all warm inside!


Make sure all nail polish is removed then soak for 10-15 mins. I use an old dedicated washing up bowl and it works just fine.

Take your feet out and dry them off. You can use a foot scrub if you suffer from hard or dry skin. If you chose to use a scrub, rinse well and dry.

Feet, foot scrub, pedicure, beauty
I start by using a cuticle removing gel 

Nails, beauty, cuticle remover, cuticles, manicure, pedicure
I brush this on and leave for the required time (times change as per brand) then follow the instructions. Most of the time it will be to push back the cuticles with an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool 

Cuticle, Orange sticks, cotton wool, Superdrug

When all your cuticles have been pushed back I use cuticle snippers  you have to be gentle with these as you could easily cut yourself. Please do not do this if you suffer from diabetes or have any condition where circulation is affected you must see a chiropodist for this.

Beauty, cuticles, nails
Once all the cuticles are trimmed trim your toenails (add pic and link) not too short and never rip them off.

Now to moisturise. Add a heathy dollop of your fave moisturiser and rub in well massaging as you go. 

Nivea, cream, hand, manicure, beauty
This is soooo relaxing! Leave for a few mins to soak in.

Now for the fun part, choosing the nail polish! 

Nails, manicure, polish, beauty
You will need a small amount of nail polish remover on cotton wool and just wipe over the nails quickly to remove any excess moisturiser as this will prevent the polish sticking properly.

I always use a base coat as this gives an even finish and stops dark colours from staining your nails.

Leave the base coat to dry for around ten mins.

Top coat time! Do one coat of colour and leave 10 mins. If you mess up just use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to tidy up.

2nd coat of colour and leave another 10 mins.

Then finally top coat leave to dry completely!

Beauty, manicure, nails, polish
Don’t try to rush or you will ruin all that hard work. Trust me I’ve tried every trick in the book and waiting is the only one that works! It’s worth it honestly!


Even if you have really short nails you can still make them look pretty!

Hands are almost the same as feet. You can use an exfoliant rub on them too  it eliminates all that dry skin and makes them feel soft and beautiful once again!

Lush, coconut, hand, scrub, manicure, beauty
Again remove cuticles as with the feet and be careful not to trim too close to the nail bed as this could become infected.

Rinse, dry and moisturise. 

Trim or shape your nails and use a small piece of cotton wool and nail polish remover to clean the nails so that you have a nice clean surface to put nail polish on!

Chose your amazing colour(s) and begin with the base coat, two coats of colour then a nice top coat not forgetting to leave a good ten minutes in between each coat as this really will pay off!

Nails, beauty, manicure, black

Read a book or magazine

Book, reading

This is fun and relaxing and you don’t have to read an entire book in one sitting even though that is tempting!

Magazines are nice and easy to read with lots of short articles and pictures! I like the puzzles and home magazines to give me inspiration for our small compact home! (Keep an eye out for my post in storage for small homes coming soon)

I have a pretty short attention span and I’m always multitasking so I usually read 2-3 pages of a book then a magazine then play a game on my phone! 

Magazines, readingBooks, reading

Bake something yummy!

When I feel like I deserve a treat I bake a cake or muffins or make a cheesecake! 

Cake, strawberry, creamI love making cakes and yummy things it always makes a dull day better!

In a future post I will have my recipes too. 

Chocolate, brownies, food, dessertBrownies are just my favourite! Gooey in the middle and warm from the oven. 

Cheesecake, strawberry, biscuitStrawberry cheesecake! Oh gosh cheesecake.. what can I say.. its creamy yummy scrummy cheesecake! 

There are links in this post but not affiliated to anyone. I am not being paid for this post.

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