Childhood memories 

My dads parents lived quite close when I was younger. I have really lovely memories of them, they were always lovely and always kind but never looked any different from when I was born to when I was 30!

When I was around 8 I would go and stay at weekends. It was an adventure with sweets and crisp sandwiches!

Some Saturdays my grandad would take me to work with him, he was a civil engineer and draw how the roads would look. Heed wheel me up and down the portacabins on an office chair!

Childhood, young,
Some days I’d help in the garden or help clean their car.

My granny and I would play hunt the thimble and Ludo while grandpa watched the snooker with the sound off.

They would make me sandwiches and let me have lemonade and sweets! They’d let me play on the African drum and the onyx eggs they’d bought back from Kenya when grandpa was stationed out there in the 40’s.

When there was family down from Bath they would all come to granny’s and there would be tea and cakes and sausage rolls. I’d play with my cousins eat lots of cake!

I remember their house so well, it was a 1950’s style house in Oxfordshire, the front door was white with a glass panel that was obscured the doorbell made a distinctive bing bong and there was an old oak barometer hanging in the hall wall. The walls inside were pale green, the sofas flowery the tv on wheels with no remote control as they didn’t exist yet!

The garden not too big but big enough to make memories in. The kitchen tiny but big enough for granny to disintegrate Brussels sprouts in!

The saddest this is that they are both gone now but I will always cherish these childhood memories!

Do what you need to in order to remember these kind of people in your life. Photo albums, collages, paintings.. don’t let the good memories slip away x

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