Bullet Journals

I have been dabbling with a bullet journal for about a year now and find that it is a great way to relax and feel connected with myself and my creativity. I think of it as a combination of a journal and a scrapbook and a To Do list! Endless possibilities.

There are so many spreads and trackers that you can do and there are NO RULES!! I like guidelines not rules lol.

Here I will take you through the items you need to get started.

  • Note book – I get mine in Wilko(UK) for about £2-3 they have a soft cover and squared thick paper inside so you can draw, colour even paint a little.
  • Pens, Pencils – I buy way too much stationary but I love colours so I buy pens and pencils and crayons mainly Wilko again but WH Smith and Paperchase have some awesome goodies too.
  • Stencils & Rulers – Not essential but very useful, you can pick a ruler or any straight edge up from anywhere. Stencils are a little dearer but look on eBay or Amazon and you can get some good bundles.
  • Washi Tape – Not essential but fun and not expensive at all – I bought 4 rolls in Primark for £1.50! There are large selections of Washi Tape in lots of shops now, Paperchase have some gorgeous colours and Monsoon too in the kids stationary section.

Washi Tape 

The Joy is often the process not the actual result! Don’t get too hung up on how creative you think you are or not. The process is what matters here and making it look how you want is key.  How functional it is, how helpful, how it assists your productivity.  No one is going to look at it or judge your artistic talents or grade you on this!

Writing and creating is cathartic and lightens the load in your brain. Do you often feel like there is just too much in your head, like you want to explode? Get headaches and feel stressed?

Well, Bullet Journals can really help and you will find the time just slipping away when you journal. You can populate your journal with anything you like, the ideas are endless and can be as creative as you like or just in black and white – totally your decision!

If you search on Pinterest you will find endless posts on how to create an amazing journal and this is a fantastic resource for planning your own!

Here are a few ideas of charts and spreads that you too can use or amend and make your own.


My journal is a bit higgledy piggledy but it’s ok I like it that way.  Like I said before perfection is not the key here, just creating something is.

I started with a KEY – this is a guide to some symbols that you can choose to use in your journal.

My key looks like this 

but you can add colour coding or mini pic symbols, whatever floats your boat!

I then have a page or two of banners and doodle ideas, I love to doodle but sometimes feel I need a little inspiration to boost me along!

BulletJournal, BUJO, Doodles, Pens, Art

Next I have an index. This doesn’t have to be complicated and you can lay it out how you wish.  I did mine like this. 

you can add pages to this anytime you want and I suggest leaving yourself about 2 facing pages for this so you will have plenty of room for your future journaling adventures.  You can also number your pages in such a way so they link like with like, for example, if you have a weekly spread on page 10, then a few pages of lists and wishes, then you add another weekly spread, just pop 10*15 or whatever your page number is so that you can see that it continues on from page 10.

Next I have a year to view double page facing spread. Mine takes up 5 pages as I ran it from November 2016 to December 2017 (trust me to be different!).  I find this a great place to store long term events and weight at the start of every month, helps you to see a trend.  You could also include birthdays and appointments if you like.

Now the next pages, if you want to use them, can be added in any order, wherever you like in your journal and to be honest, next year when this book is full I will probably rethink my whole layout and make it much easier for me to find things!

I have the following pages in my journal; I keep finding new ideas so this is a never ending list of things to track, recipes, To Do lists etc.

  • Movies to watch
  • Books to read 

  • Wish List
  • Birthdays
  • Travel Bucket List
  • Things I need to sell
  • Music I love or want to get
  • Meal Plan on a 3-4 week rota so you don’t get too bored with the same dinner every Monday

  • Eternal Shopping list – those items your need every month like Loo Rolls!
  • Car info – I have MOT due date, Insurance Due Date, Dates when I have tyres changed etc etc.

  • Fruit and Veg tracker – or you can add this to your weekly spread!
  • Self Care – How to love yourself more, nice little ideas of things to do for you!

  • Christmas Gift List – Who wants what and where from, super organised lol! You can even include a section on any new decorations you want for this years theme!
  • Blog ideas – here I keep notes of things I want to write about, can be simple one word ideas or maybe a sentence or a picture that inspired me.
  • What’s for Dinner – Meal idea page, you can add recipes here too if you like.
  • T.V Shows – This is fun with all the streaming capabilities we have now, you can write down a show that you think you will like, colour in the episodes as you watch them so you don’t forget where you are up to and even rate them 5* or rubbish lol.
  • Morning Routine – Mine is about reflecting, meditating and little things to do every morning.

  • Daily Routine – Mine has things like Evening – Put clothes away, wash up, meditate, cleaning schedule, laundry day etc.
  • Weight Loss Tracker – Every 7lb lost I offer myself a small reward to keep myself motivated!
  • CM’s Lost tracker – Inches if you prefer but there are 2.5cm to every inch so looks like you have achieved so much more!!
  • Exercise Tracker – I do a short 10 min workout every morning and evening and this will show me how I improve over time.
  • Journey cost fuel tracker – This keeps my mileage and fuel costs together and there is a graph too to show how many miles per month and how much I have spent on fuel too, it’s an eye opener!

Like I said before, the list is endless and you can add whatever takes your fancy! Have fun and experiment.

Next I will have all my weekly spreads, these can be laid out anyway you want and including any info you want. I tend to sketch mine out on a rough piece of paper until I get the layout I want and included all the items I may want.  This is an ever evolving process and can change every week or you can keep it the same, entirely up to you.  On mine for this week I have included a box for each day which has the date, space for appointments or notes, a box for the weather, Lunch and Dinner and What I am going to wear each day.  I also have a notes box for general reminders, a small tracker for the week that has things like Vacuum, clean bathroom etc, a small box for next weeks items like “buy a card for Sally” or Get car MOT’d, I have a Buy box for anything major I need to buy, a small sleep tracker and a water and fruit and veg tracker too!! So, you can see that I have a lot of information on one page! It is all in one place for you to see in glorious technicolour!

Why not share some pictures of your journals?

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2 thoughts on “Bullet Journals

  1. Pia says:

    That´s a super cool idea. I use my regular calendar in a similar way but not so organized and colorful. I like yours with all the colors and little pics. Thanks a lot for this idea and guideline.

    Liked by 1 person

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