31 Days of Social Posts

Ever feel stuck for something to post? Blank pages look sooo white and you just can’t think of what to write? 

Well here are 31 little post ideas that should keep you busy for a month! 

1. Write an inspiring quote for all your fans and friends to see. You never know it could change someone’s day! 

2. Post an image of yourself. Something happy and pretty. 

3. Post a free printable for your fans, anything you’ve made from “how to pack a suitcase” to “meal planner”. 

4. Promote your own Blog! 

5. Make a short video promo for your Blog, product or service. 

6. Share a useful tip! Anything you like from “how to get chewing gum off clothes” to “how to remove wax from a carpet”. 

7. Share your own Blog. 

8. FAQ’s! Is there anything your followers ask you regularly? Pull it all together and make a post of it. 

9. Ask your audience a question and engage with them. 

10. Show your fans a little behind the scenes action. Show them how you make your product or the pens you use to doodle!

11. Share a quick tip with your followers. 

12. Share a picture post. Take some photos of something like flowers or things of the same colour. Make it fun and well presented. 

13. Share another free printable. There are lots of ways of making a professional looking printable. Use Ms Word or Photoshop if you have it. 

14. Share someone else’s post, pay it forward. 

15. Design and share a graphic quote. Something awesome, pretty, inspiring? 

Social, posts, 31days, Monthly, Blog16. Share a useful website. Found something interesting? Pass it on for everyone to see! 

17. Promote your Blog, Product or Service. 

18. Design a text quote and share it with the world! 

19. Share a Testimonial from your fans and followers. 

20. Share a link to someone else’s blog. Something in the same niche to yours? Something that inspires you? 

21. Share a doodle! Doodling helps your brain relax and keeps it flexible. You don’t have to be Picasso to doodle! 

22. Share a personal story about yourself. 

23. Photo your day! Take a range of pictures throughout your day to tell a story. 

24. Share a short video tip. Maybe something like how to get beetroot out of your white trousers? 

25.  Thank your fans! 

26. Share a fun fact with everyone. 

27. Showcase your art or baking skills! Anything you like. 

28. Share a watercolour painting that you’ve done or if your not a painter one that you admire. 

29. Share a motivational quote with everyone. 

30. Discuss a news topic. 

31. Share a tip sheet for anything you like. 

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