10 simple ways to keep a healthy mindset

When we want and try to get healthy we tend to see only the way we look physically rather than as a whole. What we tend to overlook is our mental wellbeing.

If you want to be truly happy in your mind and body you need to address all three areas of your life – physical, dietary and mental.

If you want to function well, think clearly and feeling happy then have a go at the following steps.

  1. Self acceptance. This is very important for your self worth and mental health. We see so many images daily on TV, the internet, Facebook, Instagram etc telling us how to look and behave. It’s very hard to find self worth when you are constantly taking selfies and comparing yourself to others. It’s important to strive to improve yourself but to do it for yourself not for anyone else. You can never look exactly like another person you will only ever look like the best improved version of yourself. Don’t try to be someone else they are all taken! Be unique and awesome.
  2. Eating a healthy diet. This seems really obvious right? Well it is and very true. If you eat nutritionally void processed food you are failing yourself. If you eat fresh, clean, healthy and natural foods you are feeding not only your physical body but your mind too. You will feel happy, motivated, strong and clear minded. If you’re normally stressed and anxious try cutting down on caffeine, salt and sugar. Good food will make you happier I promise.
  3. Surround yourself with positive, happy people. This one is pretty obvious but often overlooked. Being around happy people rubs off and makes you happy too. Make time to visit friends and family, laugh and do fun things. The people in your life who value and love you for who you are will make you feel joy and confidence. Being appreciated and loved for who you are is so important. If you have relationships in your world that make you feel unhappy it may be time to re-evaluate if they are worth keeping around.
  4. Love the small stuff. Sometimes our lives seem so busy that we forget to appreciate the small things – the sunrises, sunsets, pretty flowers, people laughing hey the list goes on. Slow down! Put your phone away, turn off the TV look up and notice things. Go for a walk in nature and notice all the things you see. Doing things like this a few times a week helps you feel grounded and mindful of all the things that really matter in life.
  5. Find a hobby. Having some ‘you’ time and maybe learning a new skill is a great way to feel a sense of achievement. Do what makes you happy whether that’s colouring, drawing, baking, sewing, gardening the list really is endless! Your hobbies may change over time and that’s ok it means you are developing, growing mentally and learning new things.
  6. Pay it forward. This is a term I heard over 10 yrs ago and I was curious to find what it really meant. The concept is actually really simple. One of the most amazing things you can do for your mental health is to do something kind for another human being. Just because. Not because you think it will benefit you in some way but just because you can. It can be a stranger or anyone, you can do simply make someone’s day amazing by being kind. Hold a door open, smile, pay someone a compliment, buy a sandwich for a homeless person. You may be the only person they have spoken to all day or all week. Your kind words may change someone’s day dramatically. Maybe it will have a knock on effect and they will go on to do a good deed for another person and so on. Just imagine if everyone did this!!
  7. Talk about things. Keeping stuff bottled up is not healthy mentally or physically. You will feel stressed and tired and it all affects you physically as well as mentally. You may not want to burden your loved ones with your problems but sharing really can help and put things in perspective. We’ve all had bad things in our minds that seem so huge and disproportionate that you can’t cope but when shared and talked about seem trivial and simple to solve. You may even find cool new ways you’d not thought of to solve those issues. I also find that writing in a journal really helps, I do mine and night like a brain dump and find I sleep so much better and it lets the steam off a little.
  8. Review your life regularly. Life moves at an incredibly fast pace, you look back and 20yrs has gone! If you have goals, things you want to do and achieve then write them down but don’t forget to check in on them regularly and adjust if needs be. Be honest with yourself and reward yourself for what you’re doing well. I keep a bullet journal and at the end of each month I write a monthly review to see what went well, what didn’t, what to change and what to keep doing. It really helps and keeps me in track with where I want to be.
  9. Focus on what you can control. Life sometimes throws a spanner in the works and this can make us panic. My advice is to take a logical look as worrying about things you can’t control only causes more stress. Look at what you can control and if the problem seems too large break it down into smaller issues and get to it. The secret here is not to panic, break it down and take action. One thing at a time is actionable and you will feel a greater sense of calm.
  10. Use failures to promote success. If you fall down, put on weight, don’t get the promotion you want, learn from it. You may think it’s easier to give up but I assure you that reaching your goal is a much better feeling. Learn what you need to do to do better next time. If you allow yourself to wallow in the self pity of failure, small or large, your brain will think you can’t ever do it. But you can!

Please see my other posts on keeping bullet journals if you are interested.

Thanks for reading xx

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