How to stay motivated

We all know it’s not easy to reach your goals, it takes hard work and dedication. Your goals would be impossible if you turn take and run the minute it got hard! We all have days when things seem hard and you wonder what it’s all about!

Well, I’m here to help and today I have listed 11 little things to help keep you motivated when that light at the end of the tunnel seems a little duller than usual.

I struggle daily with motivation but I work at it daily too. The secret here is to keep things fun and interesting and keep moving forward!

1. Money alone is not the answer.

People often mistake money for lasting satisfaction. This is not enough on its own to motivate you long term. It may be the initial pull towards something but it’s very hard to stay financially focussed if the job sucks! The work needs to be interesting, fulfilling and something that you want to be doing too. It’s best to be doing something that is aligned with your beliefs and interests long term. Be true to yourself when setting your goals.

2. Make sure the goals are YOURS!

If the goals you want to achieve are yours not just to please someone else then you are more likely to stick to them and achieve the ultimate goals! Make sure your goal is something you really want, your ultimate dream. If it is you will make damn sure you make it real.

3. Visualise the results.

If you want to be an author visualise seeing it published in a bookshop or online, imagine how it will look, how you will feel? If it’s weight you want to lose then imagine yourself at that target weight. How will you look in those new jeans? That bikini? Imagine yourself feeling confident and proud on a sunny beach holiday. Feel the excitement, the pride in reaching your goal. Embrace that and it won’t feel like hard work.

4. Break it down.

If your goal seems too big and scary, break it down into bite size chunks. If you want to learn to drive you don’t just get up one day and go to the test centre, you take lessons, gain confidence, practice and then you take the test. If you want a new holiday wardrobe you may not have all the cash at once, so save a little each month and soon enough you’ll have enough!

5. Use the universal energy.

We are all made of energy, everything in the universe is. Be around people who make you feel amazing, accepted and loved. You are unique so don’t be afraid to show the world just how amazing you are.

Positive people emirate amazing, warm, loving energy. You can feel it when you are close to them. There is an old Chinese proverb “you cannot feed from an empty cup” you need to receive more energy than you give this is not selfish it is self care!

6. Organisation is key.

Sometimes your head is just so full of all these amazing things you want to achieve that you end up doing nothing at all!

I recommend writing it all down, dump it in a note book, plan ahead, keep a journal it all helps. Even talking things through with someone can help find clarity. Schedule times to complete small tasks it will make reaching your goal so much easier.

7. Remember the BIG picture.

Don’t ever forget what it is that you want. Not every step of reaching your goal will be fun or sassy so keeping the end destination in mind will really help! Just think ” ok this list / step machine / meeting / job is really boring but it will get me one step closer to my goal”.

We all have days where we have no desire to get up, go to the gym or eat well but just remember the more you take those baby steps the closer to your goal you will get!

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It is so easy to get bogged down with the “how”. How will I reach my goal? How will I lose all this weight? How will I afford this holiday? My advice to you is don’t sweat the small stuff! Control what you can and leave what you can’t. Humans have a great ability to overthink. By doing things you can control you take the panic out of the situation by concentrating on the positive life changing parts.

9. Keep it positive.

Fill your world with positive words and images. Read positive books, quotes, happy pictures. You need constant reminders that you ARE capable of achieving your goals.

I use Pinterest and Instagram and follow only happy pretty things that make me feel good.

10. Don’t lose sight of your “why”.

When life gets crazy, stop, take a breath and remind yourself of why you are doing this.

Is it to fit into that special dress? Is it to learn new skills? To help other people? Will your goal give you that long term happiness you have always desired? All those questions and many more will help keep some clarity in this crazy world and help to keep you on track. 1 bad day does not equal failure, it’s just one day. Draw a line and move forward!

11. Consistency is key.

When you were a child did you learn your timestables in one day? Did you learn to write your name in five minutes? NO! It takes constant learning and practice over time. It’s like losing a 1lb a week, doesn’t seem like much but over the course of a year that’s 52lb (3.5 stone!).

If in doubt write it out.. take baby steps and never give up!

You got this!

Xx Peace Xx

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