Gratitude is the answer.

When your life is not good or productive there is a good reason for this.  You are not being grateful for all that you already have.

This may seem like a strange concept as I know how hard it is to be grateful when your life seems to be going down the plug hole! But trust me Gratitude is the answer.

Even if you only have a couple of quid in the bank, be grateful and say thank you for all that you DO have. If you think “I don’t like my job,” “I haven’t got any money,” or “I can’t pay my bills.” then you are attracting more of this.  You literally get what you ask for in life.

If you turn it all around and think “I am rich beyond my dreams,” “I have all that I need,” and “My relationship is loving and kind” then this is what you will have.


Life is all about Action and reaction and magnetism.  You get more of what you are.

The universe is made up of energy and if you looked closley at us under an electron microscope then you will just see a bunch of atoms moving about.  Look at money just a bunch more atoms.

if you affirm to yourself everyday with all your heart that you are amazing, you are rich, you are successfull then the universe will draw more of those things to you in amazing ways.

Our brains are fairly primitive still and they don’t actually understand the word “Don’t” or “Can’t” etc so if you were to tell yourself “Don’t eat those biscuits” or “I can’t be upset” all your brain hears is “Eat the biscuits and be upset”.

So on that principle just be kind to your self and turn all negatives into positives and say “I eat healthily every day” and “I am strong and capable”.

A few months ago I started keeping a gratitude journal and at first it seems like a lot of hard work but about halfway through the first month I started to feel different, happier and calmer.

Basically the world is just the way we perceive it.  If you believe that the world is a bad place full of murders and crime and money is the root of all evil then this is what you will notice.  It’s the same as when a friend tells you they have a new red sports car then all you notice is red sports cars for the next few days!

If you believe that money is the root of all evil how do you expect to ever have any because we draw to us what we believe to be true so you will repel money if ou think its evil.  The only way to see money is to 1. be grateful for all that you have and 2. tell yourself that money is just a unit of exchange to get you the things you want and need and 3. money can enable you to travel and have a nice home and a nice car.

Money is not evil, people can do evil things but money is inanimate and just an exchange for services and items.

So try this for me.

  1. Grab a notebook, any notebook will do just lots of nice blank pages.
  2. Head the first page with todays date.
  3. Now I want you to write 10 things in your life that you are grateful for and the reason why.  eg “I am so grateful for the home that I live in because it keeps me warm and dry”  or “I am most thankful for my husband as he loves me deeply” or “With all my heart I am thankful for my job as it allows me to pay my bills”.
  4. Now do this every day for a month and see how you feel.

If you like this after a month keep going, no reason to ever stop being grateful right?


This process will take about 15-20 mins a day but I assure you it makes you realise just how grateful you are for all the little things in life from the birdsong in the mornings to the sunsets at night.

Be grateful for the air that you breathe for the grass under your feet for the change in your pocket.  Everything.

Feel free to comment below and let me know how this goes.

You can find more of me at Infinite Life Coaching on Fabebook and regular blogs on

Thanks for reading.

Love and light to you all.


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