Resisting temptations…

Stop those bad habits in their tracks by understanding your thought processes.

We all go through life assuming we are in control of our thoughts – until there is temptation! You know exactly what you should do, don’t eat the cake or the 5th biscuit or the 3rd rum and coke, but all that goes out the window with temptation.

More self discipline is rarely the answer. Instead you should try to understand what’s going on in your mind when temptation looms and you will be better prepared to make the healthier choices.

Separate the feeling from the action.

It’s too easy to start hating on yourself for doing something bad. But all that does is trigger an internal battle, one in which temptation usually wins.

In reality, the only thing you need to do is avoid acting in the feeling. The more you can accept the feeling when it strikes, the more you can focus on a simpler task: walking away from the source of temptation.

Nudge yourself.

The idea behind “Nudging”, is to make the better choice the easier choice. It has been proven that when salad is within easier reach and chips further away, school children will pick the salad!

So, instead of relying on willpower just stop keeping chocolate in the fridge. Try using an app like ‘StayFocussed’ or similar to block distracting websites.

Change your environment, and temptation ceases to be the issue.

Learn to read the need.

Behind every bad habit, there is a reasonable desire: some people eat or drink too much because they are lonely. Once you discover the underlying need, you can then discover a way to meet the need: call a friend, take a coffee break instead of a cigarette break. There is nothing wrong with the need – only with the way you are currently dealing with it.

Go social

It’s strange but true that we all break all sorts of promises to ourselves – yet most of us would never dream of failing to show up for a coffee with a friend.

Involve others in your temptation – resistance efforts, whether it’s ask g someone to check in weekly, accountability like staying to group at Slimming World or having a pal call you twice a week to see how you’re coping, or don’t go shopping alone if you’re prone to impulse buys like cakes and biscuits.

Best of all launch a joint plan, in which 2 or more of you decide to give up a bad habit. This turns the challenge into a game – and may even make resisting temptation as much fun as succumbing to it!

Thanks for reading.

Love light and peace

Krysia xx

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