For when the road is bumpy…


Sometimes when we start a new mission or goal we are full of great enthusiasm and for the first few weeks or months we do extremely well.

Then the motivation drops off and you feel like you are comfortable and know what you are doing but suddenly you’re not seeing the results you want.

“Very strange” you think, “I’m doing it all right things, following the rules but I’m not getting the results I used to get!”

But, are you really following those same rules you were at the start of your journey?


Sometimes we think we are doing all the same things but actually we’ve let some of the important things slide a little, like measuring your milk or not walking as much or skipping your gym session.

This is why regular monthly or three monthly reviews of your goals is so important.

Take a look at what you are doing and realign it with your goals. Don’t be afraid to move the dates or end goal to better match where your journey is taking you.

Reassess and refocus your energy where it needs to be and start again on your readjusted path to your goal!


Life is not a straight, flat path! It’s uphill somedays, bumpy on others. If the journey was easy we wouldn’t learn so much on our way to self improvement!

3 simple rules.

Rule 1: Don’t be too hard on yourself! You are human and life has its ups and downs.

Rule 2: recenter yourself when you need to. Sometimes we need to take 5 and breathe, readjust and go again.

Rule 3: reward yourself when you do well! Having mini goals along the road to greatness is a great way to stay motivated!

If you need any advice on goal setting please message me for help and information.

Love and peace

Krysia xx

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