30 Day Challenge – Act of Random Kindness

I had a thought last night.. what if we all just did something kind for another with no thought of anything for ourselves, no reward or recognition? What if we all did this and the people who received our kindness passed it on to another? 

Would this help the world be a better place? 

The world we live in is messy and loud and full of harshness and propoganda and maybe just maybe if we were all a little nice to each other then it would make life better for all of us. 

I am suggesting a 30 day Challenge of Acts of Random Kindness!! 

These can be free things like helping another with their shopping bags or putting their bins out or you can, if you can afford to, buy a coffee or a meal for someone in a queue or a homeless person. 

I’ve included a small list of ideas but this is by no means exhaustive! 

  1. Help an elderly person to cross a road.
  2. Take your neighbours bins out on bin day.
  3. Smile at a stranger.
  4. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue. 
  5. Buy a sandwich for a homeless person.
  6. Donate old items to charity.
  7. Wash up the dishes without being asked.
  8. Be nice to shop assistants – there job is pretty thankless! 
  9. Donate a can of food to your local food bank.
  10. Leave a kind message on someone’s car.
  11. Leave some money in a vending machine.
  12. Pass on your parking ticket – hey we know we’re not meant to but share we all do it he he he. 
  13. Hold a door open for someone.
  14. Take cookies or cakes to work – and not just because it’s your birthday! 
  15. Offer to cut your neighbours grass.
  16. Buy some flowers and give them out to strangers.
  17. Pick up litter – if we all did this how clean our streets would be! 
  18. Say thank you and make eye contact with people.
  19. Remind your friends and family why you love them.
  20. Plant flowers on a disused piece of land.
  21. Clean a friend, family member or neighbours car.
  22. Offer to clean someone’s windows.
  23. Grow vegetables and share with neighbours.
  24. Throw a surprise party.
  25. Volunteer at a local charity shop, even an hour a week helps. 
  26. Walk instead of drive for a day – everyday if you like! 
  27. Say “I love you!” To those who are important to you. 
  28. Leave a kind note for your loved one.
  29. Help at a scout or guide group.
  30. Compliment another person.
  31. Take someone’s dog for a walk.

Well, there is 31 things to get you started! Like I said this list is not exhaustive. Why not give it a try and send your comments to let me know how you’re doing?