Kiki B’s Infinite Life Coaching – About me!

Hi!! I’m Krysia, I’m 46 (aaarrgghh) and I want to make our world a better place.  I like to paint and draw, I have a bullet Journal and this blog!

A couple of times a moth I post a blog to instagram, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest so be sure to follow me! @kikibsblog

I live in the UK and love being outdoors in the warm sunshine! Hate the rain and cold!

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Read my adventures in kindness and paying it forward!

This is Kiki B’s Blog.. a place of calm, love and adventure. I am a Life Coach and I’m here to help you gain some perspective and find the path that will help you succeed!

Do you feel scared about making changes in your life? Going through a period of change like divorce, redundancy or leaving school? I can help you with goal planning and achievement, mindset and personal development.

I write a monthly blog, write courses on Goal setting, planning, organisation and currently writing a book about setting and smashing your goals big or small!

I am humorous and have a typical British outlook on the world and hopefully together we can make it a better, kinder, richer place to live.

💗💗💗 life love live 💗💗💗

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