5 things to do for YOU! 

​​ I think it's about time we all started being a little nicer to ourselves. Be less harsh and less self deprecating. Life is tough girls and we need to spend just a little time each day doing something for ourselves. I'm the sort of girl who spends her days trying to please the rest … Continue reading 5 things to do for YOU! 

Travel Bucket List – 5 places I would love to visit

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San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, USA,

I love to dream of going to new places. I haven’t had a holiday in a couple of years but as soon as I can eneough bunny bucks I’m off!

I love amazing places with waterfalls and beaches and new animals to make friends with.

I’ve travelled a little but I would love to go to every corner of the earth until I have seen the sunset and rise in every continent. I want to embrace every culture and try every local food. Meet new people and make new friends.

There is something magical about watching the sun set into the ocean at the end of a beautiful day, or watching the sunrise over an old castle or ruins it makes anything seem possible like you can begin again in the new fresh day, full of hope and promise.

In the UK there are many beautiful places to visit. Cornwall…

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