Smash Your Goals! New book ready to buy now!! Free on Kindle Prime!

We all set goals, eve if we don't write them all down! Goals are vitally important to achieving our dreams.

For when the road is bumpy…

Sometimes when we start a new mission or goal we are full of great enthusiasm and for the first few weeks or months we do extremely well. Then the motivation drops off and you feel like you are comfortable and know what you are doing but suddenly you're not seeing the results you want. "Very … Continue reading For when the road is bumpy…

Resisting temptations…

It's far too easy to start hating yourself for doing something bad, but all this does is cause an internal battle.

10 simple ways to keep a healthy mindset

10 simple things you can do to improve your life and keep a healthy mindset xx

A long journey 

I was in the clouds and couldn't see any way ahead, now I am through the clouds and can see an amazing view ahead!

My First Blogger Recognition Award!

Firstly so many thanks to Kristen @thiswifeandmommylife for nominating me! I'm so excited as this is the first time I've been nominated for anything! And now I get to nominate other bloggers too! This award is a great way to share our fave bloggers and get to see lots of new pages! This Bloggers recognition … Continue reading My First Blogger Recognition Award!